“People protect what they love.”  Jacques Yves Cousteau


Should your circumstances take a turn for the worse, there are plenty of ways to protect your money and look after yours and your family’s interests. Whilst I can’t predict the future, I can help you protect your assets so that whatever life throws at you, financial security won’t be the main cause for concern.

There are three main types of insurance you should consider if you want to ensure you can keep on paying the bills if your income is ever compromised:

  1. Income protection: Should you be unable to work due to illness, an accident, or you are incapacitated in any other way, the right income protection policy will pay out up to 65% of your salary monthly until you are ready to go back to work.
  1. Critical illness: Should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, this policy will pay out a lump sum. The definition of “critical illness” varies from policy to policy and the list of conditions can be very specific, but in general terms it covers life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.
  1. Life insurance: Never an easy subject to bring up with your loved ones but the right life insurance policy is an efficient way to provide for your family should the worst happen. I usually advise that the proceeds are written into trust which not only exempts any pay out from Inheritance Tax but also avoids your dependents having to wait for probate approval to benefit from the policy.

These types of insurance policies can be tricky concepts to grasp, but my job is to walk you through the options, help you choose the right level of cover and then oversee the whole process from beginning to end.

Please contact me for an initial chat and to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to review your insurance options. An initial meeting is free of charge and without obligation.