Protect your most important assets

You have spent years building up your business. It provides products or services your customers love, employment for your community and a vital income stream for you and your employees. The right insurance policies and pension arrangements for your business will give you the confidence to focus on the future and send the message that you’re paying attention to risk.

The kinds of policies you should consider include:

  • Directors Pensions: Find a tax-efficient way to fund your retirement, including placing your business properties into a pension fund
  • Auto enrolment: Fulfil your legal obligations as a business owner to provide a suitable workplace pension scheme
  • Group policies: Life insurance, critical illness, income protection. All valuable employee benefits that can provide lump sum pay outs or ongoing income to employees (depending on the policy) should the unthinkable happen
  • Succession planning: Create a tax-efficient succession plan for when you decide to retire from the business or move onto new pastures
  • Keyman Insurance: Protect your company revenue from the impact of the loss of a key individual due to death or long-term illness
  • Shareholder Protection: Negate the impact of the death of a shareholder by deciding in advance how their stake in the business is to be managed

Please contact me for an initial chat and to make a mutually convenient appointment. We will review any business protection policies you already have in place, or look at ways to increase your levels of cover. An initial meeting is free of charge and without obligation.